Saint Seiya’s Complete Filler List

Saint Seiya has some awesome filler content that fans really love.

Here’s the complete list for the complete Saint Seiya anime:

  • 16-22
  • 33-35
  • 54-55
  • 64
  • 74-99

Saint Seiya has some of the coolest filler episodes, like the Asgard Saga and the Ohko episodes.

These fillers are packed with exciting stories, character growth, and awesome action. They make the series more fun and enjoyable.

So, while they might be “filler,” they’re totally worth checking out because they make Saint Seiya even more enjoyable and thrilling for fans. Check here the best Saint Seiya fights!

1. Pope Ares’ Minions (Episodes 16-22)

The “Pope Ares’ Minions” arc within the Saint Seiya series is considered filler content. In this case, it is not part of the original manga by Masami Kurumada, and as such, it doesn’t contribute to the main narrative of the series.

This sub-arc is distinct as it features several famous adversaries, such as the Saint of the Flame and the Crystal Saint, who is Hyoga’s mentor.

While these battles may provide thrilling action sequences and additional character development, they don’t significantly impact the overarching storyline of the series.

Despite being filler, the “Pope Ares’ Minions” arc in Saint Seiya is a must-watch for fans. It offers exciting battles with iconic enemies, delivering compelling action and character development.

While not part of the main story, it’s a worthwhile addition to the series, especially for Hyoga fans, which shines in both Docrates’ and Crystal Saint’s fights.

We are able to see a little more about the Saint Seiya world, which is a great addition. I really recommend you to check it out. Click here to know the 10 best Saint Seiya moments.

2. Steel Saints (Parts of episodes 23-41 – DON’T SKIP!)

The Steel Saints arc in Saint Seiya is considered filler, primarily due to the fact that the Steel Saints themselves, composed of Ban, Nachi, and Ichi, were not part of the original manga created by Masami Kurumada.

However, it’s important to note that the term “filler” doesn’t necessarily mean that these episodes lack value.

In the case of the Steel Saints, while their introduction and appearances may be filler, the overarching plot and events in the episodes are often considered canon and can provide essential character development and context.

Skipping these episodes might lead to confusion or a disjointed viewing experience because they still contribute to the overall narrative, character growth, and world-building within the Saint Seiya universe.

So, while the Steel Saints themselves are filler characters, the episodes they feature in can offer meaningful content that enriches the broader Saint Seiya story. It’s advisable not to skip them to maintain a comprehensive understanding of the series.

Besides, I like to wonder how the writers could use better these characters, like, possibly, by creating a monster-of-the-week spin-off with the Steel Saints as main characters. 

3. Dohko (Episodes 33-35)

The episodes featuring Ohko in Saint Seiya, spanning from episode 33 to 35, are considered filler.

Ohko serves as a rival to Shiryu, the Dragon Bronze Saint, and while his story is not part of the original manga by Masami Kurumada, it has garnered a dedicated fan following.

These episodes introduce Ohko as a formidable adversary for Shiryu and offer a captivating storyline showcasing their rivalry.

Despite being filler, the Ohko episodes are highly regarded by fans for their action-packed sequences, character development, and the emotional depth they bring to Shiryu’s character.

Ohko’s presence adds a layer of complexity to Shiryu’s journey as a Bronze Saint, making these episodes a fan favorite. Click here to know the best Shiryu fights!

While not part of the main manga narrative, the Ohko episodes are appreciated for their contribution to character growth and the dynamic relationships within the series, offering an engaging and memorable addition to the Saint Seiya story. It’s my favorite filler.

4. Shaka’s Minions (Episodes 54-55)

Episodes 54-55 of Saint Seiya, in which Ikki fights Shaka’s apprentices, are generally considered filler.

In these episodes, Ikki encounters and battles Shaka’s apprentices, which is not a part of the central narrative of the series.

While these episodes offer exciting action sequences and character development for Ikki, they diverge from the main plot and the overarching story arc of the Saints’ quest to protect Athena and confront the Gold Saints.

Since it’s so short, I’d say it’s worth watching. However, Shaka’s appendices lack many moral teachings that their master’s have, making it a little nonsensical. Click here to know who is the strongest gold saint.

5. Sagittarius Temple (Episode 64)

Episode 64 of Saint Seiya, in which the characters pass through the Sagittarius Temple, is filler content. In the manga, the temple is empty.

However, in this case, while the episode is filler, it integrates seamlessly into the broader Sanctuary Saga and enhances the viewing experience. I really recommend you to watch it.

The Sagittarius House episode introduces engaging challenges and an interesting character development for Aiolos and the bronze saints. Besides, it’s so short you might as well watch it. Click here to know wether Shura or Aiolia is Athena’s most loyal saint.

5. Asgard Saga (Episodes 74-99)

The Asgard Saga in Saint Seiya is widely recognized as filler, meaning it is not originally derived from the manga by Masami Kurumada.

Despite this, it stands out as one of the most celebrated filler arcs in anime history. It boasts a compelling storyline, memorable villains, a captivating setting, and a remarkable soundtrack, qualities that have earned it a special place in the hearts of fans.

The saga’s intriguing narrative revolves around the battle against the Norse god warriors, offering a unique and captivating deviation from the main story arc.

Its picturesque and mythological Asgard setting contributes to its appeal. The soundtrack, composed by Seiji Yokoyama, is iconic and enhances the emotional impact of the saga.

In a surprising twist, the Asgard Saga’s popularity led to its integration into the anime’s canon through the “Soul of Gold” spin-off series.

This recognition further solidifies its significance in the Saint Seiya universe. The Asgard Saga’s excellence showcases how even filler content can leave a lasting and valuable impact on a beloved series.

Don’t skip it! In my humble opinion, this is one of the best Saint Seiya sagas (second only to Hades), and manages to surpass even the Sanctuary saga. But check here 5 ways it could be even better!

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