Hades Specters Complete List in Saint Seiya

Saint Seiya, a classic anime and manga series, introduces fans to the mythical world of warriors known as Specters, devoted to serving Hades, the God of the Underworld.

Among them, the 108 Specters hold various ranks and powers, with each serving a unique purpose in the grand narrative.

In this article, we delve into the complete list of Hades Specters, exploring their roles, powers, and affiliations. Click here to know more about Athena’s saints.

What are Hades Specters?

Hades, the ruler of the Underworld, hatched a wicked plan.

Hades created 108 warriors with powers similar to Athena’s Saints, called Specters. The Hades Specters, followers of the dark lord Hades, wear special armor called Surplice. This armor, black and shiny like ebony, is granted to those who accept the soul of a Specter. It lets them move between the world of the living and the dead without needing a lot of cosmic energy.

Unlike Bronze Saints , who train hard, or Marinas, who have natural qualifications, Specters are chosen by an evil star that rules their lives. The Surplice then molds onto them like a puppeteer shaping a puppet.

To gain an advantage, he put a force field around his castle on Earth, reducing the power of the Saints by 10%. Even the strong Gold Saints struggled within this field. Radamanthys of Wyvern easily sent three Gold Saints to the Underworld without a fight.

Hades’ higher deities, Thanatos and Hypnos, see Specters as tools of the Surplice. They’re not bothered if Specters die, thinking they can be easily replaced. Thanatos and Hypnos are confident in their own power and don’t see Specters as essential.

The number 108 has deep meaning in Buddhist teachings, representing the many struggles in human life. This significance is seen in a Japanese ritual where bells are rung 108 times for purification. Shaka of Virgo’s rosary also has 108 beads.

Interestingly, while Lost Canvas keeps the same Specter identities, Next Dimension suggests that Specters might have different names in each Holy War.

Commander of the Specters

Leading the formidable army of Hades is Pandora, the Commander of the Specters. The Official Encyclopedia describes them as loyal warriors dedicated to the service of Hades.

Judges of the Underworld

The three most powerful Specters in Hades’ army, the Kyotos, are believed to have powers equal to the strongest Gold Saints from the Sanctuary. They are:

  1. Radamanthys of Wyvern
  2. Minos of Griffon
  3. Aiacos of Garuda

Each Kyoto oversees a specific region and is accompanied by a group of subordinate Specters.

Next Dimension

In the sequel series, Next Dimension, additional Specters are introduced:

  1. Vermeer of Griffon
  2. Suikyo of Garuda

Celestial Specters

These Specters are tasked with defending the Underworld and are believed to rival the power of the Gold Saints. Some notable Celestial Specters include:

  1. Yohma of Mephistopheles
  2. Valentine of Harpia
  3. Caronte of Acheron
  4. Lune of Balron
  5. Pharaoh of Sphinx
  6. Rock of Golem
  7. Iwan of Troll
  8. Flégias of Lycaon
  9. Stand of Deadly Beetle
  10. Sylphid of Basilisk
  11. Queen of Alraune
  12. Gordon of Minotaur

Next Dimension

  1. Nyan of Acheron

Guardians of the 8 Prisons

The Specters assigned to guard the Underworld’s prisons, with some prisons yet to be revealed, include:

  1. Lune of Balron
  2. Pharaoh of Sphinx
  3. Rock of Golem and Iwan of Troll
  4. Flégias of Lycaon
  5. Stand of Deadly Beetle
  6. (Not specified)
  7. (Not specified)
  8. (Not specified)

Terrestrial Specters

These Specters are typically sent on missions outside the Underworld, such as attacking the Sanctuary and the village of Rodorio. Their powers are believed to be comparable to those of Silver Saints. Some Terrestrial Specters include:

  1. Niobe of Deep
  2. Giganto of Cyclops
  3. Myu of Papillon
  4. Laimi of Worm
  5. Kiew of Dullahan
  6. Ox of Gorgon
  7. Miles of Elf
  8. Zeros of Toad

Next Dimension:

  1. Mi Yan of Toad
  2. Specter of Worm
  3. Specter of Gargoyle

Common Soldiers

The rank and file of Hades’ army, these soldiers, often unnamed, wield scythes. Notable among them is:

  1. Markino of Skeleton

Exclusive to The Lost Canvas

In the famous spin-off manga Lost Canvas, additional Specters make their appearance:

  1. Kagaho of Bennu
  2. Byako of Necromancer
  3. Wimber of Bat
  4. Chesire of Cat Sidhe
  5. Edward of Sylph
  6. Violate of Behemoth
  7. Fiodor of Mandrake
  8. Verônica of Nasu
  9. Gregory of Genbu
  10. Tokusa of Hanuman
  11. Yohma of Mephistopheles
  12. Luco of Dryad
  13. Partita of Owl (false Specter)
  14. Kageboshi
  15. Atavaka

Other Terrestrial Stars

Several other terrestrial stars are mentioned in the manga, including those of Joy, Vastness, Speed, Penalty, Madness, Possession, and Slavery.

Unknown Stars

Numerous unknown stars are mentioned, including those of Ingenuity, Carnivore, Abuse, Shame, Inattention, Sadism, Revenge, Sarcasm, Discord, Deception, Calculation, Stubbornness, Blasphemy, Carnage, Indifference, Seduction, Damage, Gluttony, Illusion, Lie, Vanity, Disrespect, Infamy, Arrogance, Ambush, Masochism, Curiosity, Whims, Negativity, Presumption.

Guardians of the Stars

Those guarding the Malign Temples of Hades include:

  1. Yohma of Mephistopheles
  2. Lune of Balron
  3. Kagaho of Bennu
  4. Aspros of Gemini
  5. Valentine of Harpia
  6. Radamanthys of Wyvern
  7. Partita of Owl
  8. Tokusa of Hanuman
  9. Alone
  10. Pandora
  11. Hades

Creatures in Service of Hades

Various creatures serve Hades, including fairies present throughout Meikai, Cerberus in the second prison, and Nymphs found in all Elysium Fields.

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